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100% handmade cuisine

Our courses are on site cooked from raw product selected by the chef (more informations about handmade cuisine).

Gourmet coffee at the Grand Hotel

Enjoy a break in front of the cher river!

The terasse is the perfect place for an instant of relaxation enjoying one of our gourmet coffee at the Grand Hotel with our handmade miniardises and ice creams.

Fresh fish on ice

Fresh fish (day’s catch)

Fresh fish, selected by the chef to be enjoyed without reserve!

Cooked meat

Fresh AOC meat from French origin guaranted

Our chef select only the best meat from french dutch or irish origin labelised AOC 100% handmade cuisine.

The restaurant

Local and traditional cuisine

Traditionnal restaurant 100% homemade cuisine from fresh and French dutch or irish meats, and 90%, French origin fruits, vegetables, and cheese.